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Get Some Kerb Appeal!

I haven't posted on the blog for a while, mainly because I have had a lot of work on, so apart from a re-post last week, I've been a bit lax. So, as I have some new followers, I thought I would get back to it and write a post about how you can spruce up the front of your house and get that all-important kerb appeal. It's essential if you are thinking of moving, but equally nice to have refresh if you aren't. Here's a few ideas.....

Don't you just yearn to live in a house in a row like this? Painting the outside of the house will definitely add kerb appeal. Pretty pastel shades always look good, don't jar and blend in well with white painted houses. Not only does it add colour, masonry paint will protect the surface as well, it's dirt-resistant, breathable and waterproof, so it will keep it looking smart for many years. Masonry paint in from £22.68 Sandtex

There's nothing worse than a shabby path, with broken slabs and weeds growing through it. So think about a complete re-vamp. This bold, black and white, chequerboard design is stunning, especially with a border of smaller tiles to define the edges. Make sure to lay a proper foundation beforehand and use a professional tiler, you don't want to spend all that money on tiles for it to break up in cold weather or for the tiles to be uneven so they are a trip hazard. Also ensure you choose tiles that are designed for outside use. These beauties are Cava Victorian Unglazed Quarry Tiles, £38.95 sq.m. from Walls & Floors

If you don't do anything else, paint the front door! Its easy to do and there are so many colours to choose from. Take off the door furniture and make sure you prep to get the best results, so rub down first with a sander and fill any splits or gaps with wood filler. Then, when it's painted maybe treat yourself to some new door furniture. This colour is Lavender Quartz Quick Dry Exterior Satin from Dulux.

Or you could buy a new front door. Isn't this one fantastic? It helps if you have a stunning exterior like this, but a new door will make all the difference to your entrance. This is from an amazing selection from Urban Front

Another way to change up the front door and add a personal touch is with window film. There are lots of designs from traditional to contemporary and you can customise it to include your door number like this one. It's a stylish and inexpensive way to make your front door individual, good for privacy too. Purlfrost Window Film

Grouping plant pots next to the front door is another way to create interest, add colour and welcome guests. It's also a great way to hide anything ugly, like a drain, or cables going into your property. Choosing the same shape makes it cohesive and follows the shape of the door panels, but they don't all have to be the same colour. These rusted ones are mixed with slate ones, and will age beautifully, all plants from Dobbies

Lighting is essential too, especially in the Autumn with the darker evenings. Put lights on a timer so they come on as you approach the door and buy two for symmetry for the best effect. These are Tressino, £95 each from Astro Lighting

Garages can be ugly things, so to up the ante paint them in a cool shade and it will enhance your property. This is Welcome Dark Intelligent Exterior Eggshell paint from Little Greene. The large carriage lamp is the perfect finishing touch.

Nobody likes them, but we can't do without them - wheelie bins. If yours are at the front of your property, buy a store to hide them. These ones from Waltons have a bolt on the front to stop foxes or other animals getting in, and a lift-up lid to throw your rubbish in easily. As they are wood, you could paint them to match the front of the house too. They also come in metal


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