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Make Your Own Lampshade

Keeping busy during lockdown is keeping me sane, as I am sure it is for many of you. And if you are an interiors addict like me, you are always looking for ways to gussy up your home - and create Instagram posts! I have made cushions, re-dressed a bedroom, painted the hall and stairs and emptied cupboards......not to mention cleaning and baking. My living room is in 2 halves, one side with the fireplace, shelving and tv, and quite busy and on the other side is a huge corner sofa with red cushions with the 30's bay window between the two halves. It looks a bit bare on the sofa side as the walls and sofa are cream, although I do have a massive framed flag on the wall. So to add a bit more colour and build on the scheme, I put a floor lamp in the bay but I couldn't find a lampshade I liked in the right colour and pattern, without buying bespoke, so I thought...I know, I'll make a one! Here's how I did it.

I bought a professional lampshade making kit from Amazon and some jolly fabric, Pomme Linen from Britannia Rose, looks a bit Orla Kiely doesn't it? Its from Prestigious but sadly discontinued. Britannia Rose supply lampshade-making kits too, but didn't have one big enough for what I wanted.

1. Lay the pvc lampshade panel on the fabric, making sure you line up the fabric pattern repeat, especially with something bold like this, after all you don't want it wonky do you? That would be really annoying...Then cut off the excess. I wish I had washed my hair.......and Insta reality in the background.....

2. Take off the adhesive backing bit by bit, and smooth it down making sure there are no wrinkles. If there are, peel it back and re-stick. You will need a weight to keep it in place, like my lovely old iron - perfect for a job like this.

3. Cut off the excess as close to the panel as you can. Wish I had hidden those wires......mind you I would be terrified I wouldn't get my Nest thermostat or Google Home working again.....oops and the shoes...

4. Peel off the pre-scored tape on either side, leaving the hem to turn in. Again use something heavy to keep the fabric in place while you are working on it.

5. Use the double-sided tape provided and apply around the rim of each metal circle. Also apply a piece of tape to one end of the fabric panel. Peel off the backing and you are ready to apply the rings to the fabric edge.

6. You definitely need a friend to help you with this, one of you on either side to make sure its placed bang on each edge for a neat finish. Then peel off the backing from the double-sided tape at the end of the fabric panel where the seam will be, and smooth down for a neat, even finish at the join. Then you are ready to fold both sides in, top and bottom to get your finished lampshade. Blimey my roots need doing...

7. And here she is! Not bad eh? for a first attempt. If anyone is interested the carpet is Houndstooth from Brintons although they don't do this colour any more and the floor lamp is the Pole, £140 from Habitat. The lampshade cost me around £30 and took 2 hours to make. Give it a go!


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