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Simple Storage Ideas - all around the home

I have been a bit lax on here recently, so apologies for that, but I have had lots of work to do, which pays the bills, so it has to come first, and its all in the interest of good content which means I can also use it on here, so win win. Anywho, I am back in the saddle with some posts I hope you find useful - here goes.


Sideboards are such useful pieces of kit, which is why they have been around for so long. Lovely to look at, in loads of different styles and sizes whether you want contemporary, vintage or mid-century, and of course you can shove all sorts of stuff in them that you don't want people to see. That wall panelling is fab isn't it? I like the way the narrow boards work so well with the sideboard. This little beauty is Weaving, £329 from Swoon

Have you got alcoves? - then use them! shelving that spans the recess is a lovely way to display your favourite pieces and you can fit loads of stuff on them. Painting them the same colour as the wall means you look at the objects and not the shelves. All furniture and accessories, Dunelm

This is such a good idea and a great way to use paint to make a feature. Paint the shelving unit in the same colours as the wall and it takes it to a whole other level, such a simple thing to do but such a great effect. Choose accessories in colours that complement and don't detract. Find a similar sofa at John Lewis and a similar shelving unit at IKEA

Paint colours: Mazarine (blue) and Wood Ash (cream) Absolute Matt Emulsion, £47 for 2.5l, Little Greene

Instead of built-in, choose a free-standing piece like this, Laguna, £599 from Atkin & Thyme. An antique brass- plated frame with whitewashed mango wood trays. Such a great look, it's light, not heavy in the room and the trays mean that nothing falls off. It fits neatly into a corner or against a wall, and of course you can take it with you if you move.


Storage or ottoman beds are a great way to hide spare bedding if you are short on space in the bedroom. They lift up easily due to a strong mechanism, so even when the bed is fully dressed, it takes little effort.

Paris Ottoman bed, £850 next

Who doesn't love a dressing table? There is something so personal about it, your own little space to pamper yourself. Shallow drawers are great for make up and all the bits that seem to go missing, and you can dress the top with pretty boxes and bottles to match your colour scheme. Karla dressing table, £540.50 Maisons du Monde

A bedside cabinet is a must, somewhere to put things last thing at night, like your phone, watch, face cream, earrings etc. choose one with drawers to store all of your other necessities. This one is so pretty, Ariella Chevron bedside table, £355, Graham & Green


A vanity unit is the ultimate storage solution in a bathroom, especially a double one like this. Loads of space beneath for toiletries and cleaning products in cupboards and drawers and with double sinks on top, so no arguing in the morning, unless you've got extra wide elbows that is. There is even a shelf beneath for towels so they are nearby. Industriel Metal and Mango Wood vanity unit, £769 Tikamoon

Shelving is great in a bathroom and doesn't take up too much space. Shelf systems from String are so lovely and have been around for years. You can add to it and take it with you if you move, so it's really versatile. This new Plex range is so light and unobtrusive and could be used anywhere in the house. Black stained ash with Plex wall panels from £65.


A bit more industrial porn in the form of this fab shoe cupboard. Instead of piling up on the floor, train the fam to put shoes in here out of the way and you've got a lovely cupboard to look at too. It's not too deep so won't take up a lot of space in the hall. Rockett St George

I just love these neat little shelves, perfect in a hall where they won't take up much space but so useful for keys, coins, or decorative pieces, and no ugly brackets either. Hooks are always useful too. U shelf, £70


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