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Outdoor Living - Your outdoor area should be as stylish as your indoor space, so check out the late

Oh so stylish and a move on from the block all-weather rattan styles

Design Project chaise with table, £699, armchair £325, super stone coffee table, £200

Scandi-style outside, who says you can't have grey rattan and wooden legs

Weimar luxury recliner £299.99, Weimar 4 piece sofa set £699.99, Kala oxidised fire pit £69.99, Buddha head, £39.99

Those classic chairs that everyone loves are now in funky colours and in metal so ideal for outdoors. Metal dining chairs, £129 for 2, Miami teak table £299

Choose colourful tableware, mix and match the colours and make like you are in the Caribbean! Sugarbush terracotta tableware from £8 A for

Haven't got a pizza oven yet? Get with the beat! You can even get table top ones too.

Treviso pizza oven, £749.99

It rarely stays warm in the evenings in this country, so a firepit is essential, love this modern version from a selection at

Luscious Lighting

What's not to love about a huge Anglepoise floor lamp?

Giant outdoor floor lamp, £3750

Why have ordinary outdoor lights when you can have these funky colourful versions?

Exo spheres, large £69.99

Exposed filaments inside? Have them outside too.

Solar 365 string of 7 bulbs, £19.99

String lights add instant atmosphere, these lightbulb shape ones are fun and stylish, drape them between trees, around trees, along walls and rooflines.

Connectable cable festoon lights, £25

Sigh ......who wouldn't want to be here, but if you haven't got your own Italian villa, you can still create the look, attached multi strands of fairy lights between 2 buildings for that romantic, holiday vibe.

Connectable fairy lights, £19.99

Even the humble sprinkler gets in on the act. LED lights change for an ever changing display

Multi colour sprinkler £12.99

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